DRAINPAK® ....Product Information

Product Features:

  • FILTERSOK® already fitted

  • Convenient 1m lengths

  • Easy one-step "click and join"

  • No special tools needed

DrainPak is a system of convenient 1.1 metre lengths of 65mm Ag pipe pre- fitted with Filtersok® providing maximum drainage performance for your project. 

Create your desired length by easily joining pipes with the one step click and join fixture at the end of each pipe.
Filtersok® is specifically designed for use with perforated drainage pipes to filter water entering the pipe.

It prevents fine sand and silts from blocking the drain, allowing larger particles to be confined on the outside of the FILTERSOK®, thus increasing the permeability of the soil near the drain lines by creating a natural filter in the sediment.

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Easy 5 step installation

1. Click Together - Click DrainPak together to length required

2. Attach Cap - Place "DrainPak cap" on end of pipe that will be at the upstream end

3. Line fall pipe - Ensure pipe is placed so it line falls to a clear exit or storm water connection point

4. Surround pipe with free draining material - Place free draining sand or clean screenings in the trench, lay pipe and cover with the same free draining sand or clean screenings . (do not use "brickies" sand as it does not drain)

5. Backfill - Trench can then be backfilled with soil